INT_LIST explanation
macro......... Under macro are the individual macros used in your instant interrupt package. IntSource... Under IntSource you will locate the interrupt you are using. Up to 14 are allowed. located in 1x-Bit Index
Label.......... This is the location for your Interrupt service routine, make make sure the PBP lable is preceded by an _underscore
Type........... Type of interrupt (ASM or PBP) that is located at the ISR identified by your label.
ResetFlag?.. Do you want DT_INT to reset you interrupt flag? Yes or No
INTerrupts Execution:

 INT_LIST     macro     ;IntSource      Label,    Type,    ResetFlag?
            INT_Handler   INT_INT    _ToggleLED1   PBP       Yes
            INT_CREATE              ; Creates the interrupt processor
            INT_ENABLE    INT_INT  ;enables external (INT) interrupts

NOTE: Make sure IN_Handler, INT_CREAT, and INT_ENABLE are indented if inside the ASM code block!
NOTE: PBP Labels in an ASM code block need underscore before the PBP Label.

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