If you would like to contribute an article or code example , you may do so here.

Please create a ZIP archive containing your submission and upload it here using the Attach option in the menu at the top of this page.

Please then make a post on the forum to let the moderators know that you have made a submission. In your post, you will need to give the name of the file you have uploaded, a description of its content and what section of this site, it should added to.

The moderators of this site will look at your proposed contribution and if suitable, they will include it in the proposed section without Editing. However if editing is required, they will advise you and make the edited submission available for your approval before publication.
Unless you request otherwise, your forum username will be used to identify you as the author of the submission.

If you submit several articles, or make a significant contribution to the site, you may be invited to become a moderator, in which case you will be able to add articles directly to the site, without moderator approval.

By making a submission, you are giving use the right to publish it on picbasic.co.uk under the license terms of the web site it is published on. In the case of dt.picbasic.co.uk those terms are identified on each page footer.

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