Site Statistics

Website traffic analysis is produced by grouping and aggregating various data items captured by the web server in the form of log files while the website visitor is browsing the website. The link below opens a page which displays the result of analysis of web server log files, extracting such items as client's IP addresses, URL paths, processing times, user agents, referrers, etc. and grouping them in order to produce HTML reports.

Two kinds of reports are produced - a yearly summary report and a detailed monthly report, one for each analysed month.

The yearly summary report provides such information as the number of hits, file and page requests, hosts and visits, as well as daily averages of these counters for each month. The report is accompanied by a yearly summary graph.

Each of the monthly reports is generated as a single HTML page containing the following:

  • monthly summary report (listing the overall number of hits, file and page requests, visits, hosts, etc.)
  • daily report (grouping these counters for each of the days of the month)
  • an aggregated hourly report (grouping counters for the same hour of each day together)
  • URL report (grouping collected information by URL), a host report (by IP address)
  • website entry and exit URL reports (showing most common first and last visit URLs)
  • referrer report (grouping the referring third-party URLs leading to the analyzed website)
  • search string report (grouping items by search terms used in such search engines as Google)
  • user agent report (grouping by the browser type)
  • country report (grouping by the host's country of origin).

Each of the standard HTML reports described above lists only top entries for each item (e.g. top 20 URLs).

WEB-STATS: WEB Site Statistics

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