DT Interrupts

DT_INT-14 version 1.10 Friday Aug 13, 2010

Rev 1.10.... AUG 13, 2010.... Fixes Duplicate label error when Handlers cross page boundary Fixes error with 16F1's and MPLAB 8.53 (high)
Rev 1.00.... Completely re-written, with optimization and F1 chips in mind
Rev 0.93.... JAN 29, 2006.... Fixed CMIF and EEIF problem with older PIC's that have the Flags in PIR1 instead of PIR2
Rev 0.92.... solves a "Missed Interrupt" and banking switching problem

DT_INTS-18 version 3.3 Mar 24, 2008

Rev. 3.3.... Mar 24, 2008.... Corrects an initialization problem affecting the first pass system var save if a Clear statement isn't used in the main program. Found by dcorraliza also fixed T7 "Warning" error. Found by Kamikaze47
Rev. 3.2.... Aug 26, 2007....Updated to work with PBP 2.50, Added several new Interrupt sources
Rev. 3.1.... July 18, 2006....Modified to handle smaller BANKA in the newer (bigger) chips
Rev. 3.0.... July 11, 2006....This was a complete rewrite of the old INT_CTRL-18F interrupt system. It was the first version using the INT_LIST macros to define the interrupt handlers.

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